Curation of Interests


The main media platforms that I regularly access is YouTube and Sound Cloud. I have been using YouTube for the past 7 years both through watching content and creating content. 3 – 4 years ago I was very much involved in the gaming scene and because of this, created content revolving around the scene. My interests on YouTube today revolve around quality short films from creators such as Seth Worley and Ryan Connolly. These individuals are both involved in a YouTube channel titled ‘Film Riot’ who engage in educational Film making content from all disciplines involved. I use Sound Cloud to not only listen to multiple different genres of music but to be able to have access to more under-rated artists who are truly good at what they do. I personally will be directing myself towards YouTube again over the next few years to post my short films and documentaries. With YouTube’s audience being at 1.3 billion active users per month (fortunelords, 2017) it is the perfect platform for film makers.


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