Future Predictions

iphone-6s-colorsWith trends constantly morphing and changing it isn’t an out of the ordinary idea to believe that a thing like being sociable would disappear. Over the last 10 years, with technology advancements and devices such as the IPhone or Xbox One people have been becoming more and more anti-social. In present day, services such as Netflix have become overwhelming popular with over 93 million subscribers (expandedramblings, 2017). I predict that in 5 – 10 years cinemas will become obsolete like video stores are in present day. Netflix has completely overridden what was important 5-10 years ago in society just with technology advances. People are becoming lazier and lazier with technology advancing whether it is through social media or services such as Netflix. These services take up the need to go outside in certain ways. A fun fact, recent studies from mobileinsurance.com indicate that the average person spends 90 minutes a day on their phone which calculates to 23 days a year which means by the time we die the average person has spent 3.9 years of their life on their phone (mobilestatistics, 2016). Technology has only started advancing quickly over the past 15 years and already humans are falling into the trap. In 5 – 10 years I believe Netflix will have a service that will allow people to purchase tickets for newly released films that they can then watch at home rather than going out to the cinema.


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