Media use and identity

moviesAfter a few years of being a film maker it has come to my attention that the camera, computer and editing software is very important in both bringing someone’s image to life in a general sense but also combining many different genre’s including audio, film and acting etc to create something truly amazing. The camera, being one of, if not the most important pieces of equipment, has the power to allow a person to bring their creative vision or message to the screen. Without this device I see a civilization stuck with books. Identity is majorly shaped through people’s beliefs and interests. Through film, creators can shape how people see them through the stories they portray. A percentage of past and present films have evidence of being ‘money greedy’ meaning not much time and effort went into making an interesting plot line but because the film is produced by a major label, the connections that label has allows for easy access into cinemas. Being in this industry, I want to make a change to these average films making it into cinemas stopping smaller creators getting their content into theaters.


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