Review of Independent Media

maxresdefaultFilm Riot’s – Real Gone (a short film by Seth Worley)

Set in present day life a man awakens on a beautiful tranquil beach but soon finds his new found paradise ripped away. Man is suicidal and searching for ways to end his seemingly meaningless life.

This film is thought-provoking with elements of sadness and humour intertwined for an overall enjoyable viewing experience. The director and writer have intended that the audience actually experience the character’s euphoria as he surveys his surroundings and his devastation as he loses his paradise. The audience gets pulled into the story through this emotion and because of this heightened state of mind, they are left with a more intensified connection to the character. The production designer has done a magnificent job in creating a visually pleasing understanding of the narrative through the locations and the colour grading used. The location evident within the opening scene creates a sense of serenity, which is crucial in forming an understanding of what the main character is seeking in his life. The cinematography used in this film is creative and smooth and as a result keeps the audience fascinated with the narrative. The editing techniques used within the film do as intended by creating emotion and empathy for the character whilst also bringing the viewer into the creative vision. Music is used to effectively to accentuate emotional cues for the audience to react to. Although there is very little dialogue, the acting alone conveys the narrative to the audience through visual explanation. Foley and music combined with this excellent acting achieves a good final effect in the film.

The context within this short film is that we all have a purpose in life, even if you can’t see it in the present moment. Although the main character does everything in his power to change the situation, he discovers in the end that there is happiness and meaning in life. The underlying element in the film is to keep persevering in the face of adversity. Life can change in a single moment as the character discovers. The outcome in the end of the film will leave some audience members perturbed.

Overall the short film is thought provoking and engages the interest of the audience through multiple elements such as emotional effect, interest in the narrative, locations used, colour grading used, cinematography, editing techniques, music and Foley. Whilst having a sense of dark humour to ease the intensity of the subject matter for the narrative to be understood without creating discomfort, it will leave one questioning, ‘what is the meaning of my life’? Sometimes we discover at the last minute what is most important to us. At that point is it too late? You must watch this film to decide for yourself.


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