FLM110.3 – Topic 10 Response: Audiences

This post in particular really made me take a step back and think about what type of audience member I am. Before this topic I did not know what the terms passive audience member and active audience member meant but now I am able to identify the type of audience member I am. Both. Whether I am passive of active in responding to a film depends on the space I am in. I agree with the topic that paying the money to see a film at the cinema increases our concentration on the film but also being in a space free of distractions also influences the type of audience member I am. I am an active audience member at the cinema as I pay full attention and form opinions. I connect with the film, if it is my taste of film of course more than I would at home with a major distraction being my phone. This is why I prefer going to the cinema and being an active audience member when I want to concentrate and connect to the film of my taste. I am a passive audience member at home in the theater room as I usually am paying less attention and accept opinions with more ease compared to paying and watching a film at the cinema free of distractions.

Cinematography plays a huge role in connecting me to the film thereby leaving a mark on my life and making me speak about the film even weeks after seeing it. Wide angle shots for example that give a sense of isolation and entrapment really pull me into the particular film being viewed and gives me a place in the characters shoes, it makes me think. I find cinematography, if done right, is extremely powerful in connecting the audience member to the story. Another technique that I find engages me in films is good subtext that pushes the story forward, makes me think and allows me to connect the dots, even if I am wrong. This type of subtext engages me in what is going on and really makes me concentrate, giving me a bigger connection to the film being viewed, therefore leaving a bigger mark on my life.


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