CIU111.3 – Week 10 Response: Collaborating With ‘Fans’

This week in the overview of the industry module my peers and I had a look at the topic known as collaborating with fans. Straight away I was connected to this topic but maybe not in the way you might think. The word fan, in my opinion, is not a word that the general public particularly likes being called, a lot of people prefer the label ‘supporter’. It doesn’t seem to matter what the words definition actually is in today’s society… Straight away after reading the title of the topic 10 lecture the thought to, if one day, I am known in the film industry I will not be calling my supporters/followers ‘fans’ to hopefully cause as little problems as possible. Another part of this week’s topic that I was extremely interested in was the crowdfunding section. I have always thought to myself ‘How will I get the money to support my project’ so because of that I was engaged straight away. It left the mark in my mind that it is extremely rare for a ‘nobody’ to have a campaign run successfully, so to skip over this issue an online presence must be made, for instance, a network with a community of people who may not know you but still have built an online relationship with you, before asking for support. You need supporters before support will be given. The saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” seems very relevant right now. The sub-topic known as fan marketing really made me think about the many different ways you can go about marketing to your chosen audience or supporters. I found it very interesting to read about the success of J.C. Hutchins audiobook ‘Thriller 7th son’. The campaign ran off of the deal that if supporters spread the word about his audiobook in the best ways they can, their names were posted on a page known as Agents of the Ministry, along with links to their personal sites/projects.  It was so successful because his supporters put the time in to help him. I need to push to create a better online presence to even have a chance at crowdfunding.


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