CIU111.3 Week 6 Response – Data Use

The week 6 topic on the many different ways data can be used to market, make better work and for creativity allowed me to come up with a few ways I can use data to push myself into a better career in the film industry. Prior to this topic I had not really thought in depth about how, after I have completed my Bachelor in Film, I will use data to get my work out to many people around the world, which is not very smart as it is extremely important in succeeding in the industry. The sub-topic ‘Understanding Your Market’ kept me extremely engaged as it gave an insight to why Netflix bought the series ‘House of Cards’. I was very interested to hear that Netflix outbid other huge networks like HBO, AMC ETC because of the data they had collected through their subscribers such as viewing habits and the psychological effect of names and familiar content. Netflix knew that this data would help them make a correct decision even if it meant taking a risk and spending a little more cash.  This will make me aim to create content that pushes towards what my supporters viewing habits are so they come back and keep on viewing  the content, giving indications on what they enjoy viewing, while also addresses the hit points that audiences loved about past projects. Pushing towards what the consumer wants is the best way to succeed. Another part of the topic I found interesting was the section on how Netflix uses color as data. Many people don’t realize it but color plays a major role in the program being chosen. Netflix is more inclined to choose coloring that more people click on or view  instead of coloring that people seem off put by to keep customers happy and using the service. I will keep these points in my head as they can be vital in the success of films and TV shows I create. A simple thumbnail with bad use of ‘off-putting’ colors can drastically effect the amount of views the project gets. I just have to use data in a logical and effective way to succeed.. I hope.

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