CIU111.3 – Week 4 Response: Interview Techniques

The week 4 reading material on ‘Interview Techniques’ gave me a huge insight into how I will be interviewed in the future and what questions I should be ready to answer. Before reading this topic I had not thought much about the ways to find work in this industry, the way job interviews are run within the industry and how applications are looked at. The section of the reading material I was interested in was the networking section. It’s an extremely obvious important technique in helping find work that I had not previously thought of in depth. I need to find the time to go to networking events to meet people, I have always believed in the saying, “it’s not WHAT you know it’s WHO you know” and after reading this section it backs it up for me even more. It is simple logic that an industry professional would be more inclined to hire someone they know instead of strangers. Another part of the reading material I was very interested in was the section talking about phone interviews. I had a few phone interviews in the past, just for casual jobs, where the potential employer would ask me if I had any questions and I would usually say no. I did not think this was actually such an important question as I was unaware that they look for on-demand employees, people who weigh up their options. This gains respect for you because it shows that you are deciding whether or not you want to work with them also. I will definitely keep this in mind for the next phone interview. The piece of information in the reading material that states that companies try to reveal (somewhat unconsciously) the way you operate. Having this information will allow me to be prepared for what is to come in future interviews I am involved in. This topic has many interesting points that really made me re-think my strategies to set me up in a better position with potential employers.Interview in progress

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