FLM110.3 – Topic 11 Response: Spectacle and technology

Reading this topic left me very intrigued but at the same time did not overall change my views as a film-maker. Technology is changing all the time and there is nothing we can do about it other than go with it to be the best and succeed. Being able to constantly shift around and get used to the new film technologies like cameras/editing techniques and software is what is necessary in today’s age. One of the sections I was extremely interested in was the video that illustrated the way James Cameron was able to create ‘Avatar’ through ‘e-motion capture’. If the technique he designed was not designed Mr. Cameron would not have been able to create the spectacle known as ‘Avatar’. The section that speaks of film-makers such as ‘Christopher Nolan’ or ‘Michael Gondry’ reverting to older techniques for stunts and visual effects such as the use of prosthetics and make-up for actors or miniatures for sets ETC made me really think. Although reverting back to older techniques is perfectly fine to do, trying to do this in a film such as ‘Pacific Rim’ or ‘Transformers’ would not work at all. Technology is necessary for these type of films to be created. When it comes to my film making the approach I take will solely depend on what film I am creating, what story is involved and the characters I decide to implement. I must also comment that the technology advancement has allowed people who are starting in the film industry to afford certain products and therefore have a chance of making content and by doing so having a chance of being successful in the industry.


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